Product Recommendations for Clients

Health Force Nutritionals

I love this company.  This premium line is available at the best natural foods stores and now some Whole Foods, ask for them. I’ve been taking their products for years and recommend them wholeheartedly. I’ve tried many raw, organic supergreens powders and this is my all-around basic favorite – their “Vitamineral Green” powder.

I add it to my morning power smoothies with fresh fruits and berries – and you can mix it with water and chug it plain. It has mild green taste, not unpleasant, and it actually grows on you. I sprinkle it on my dog’s food daily too. The product includes dozens of premium, state of the art ingredients for daily supplementation.

I also recommend their ”Truly Natural Vitamin C” powder, I add that to smoothies too – great for extra boost and cold prevention in winter.

These two products will help provide you a solid foundation of nutritional support – a great way to power up your morning, and help you “crowd in” the great nutrients and will help you actually strengthen yourself so you are less likely to make unhealthy choices during the day.


I recommend many of my favorite brands of wellness foods and products to clients – yet because of inconsistencies in availabilities of brands in retail stores nationwide, I have sought out the highest quality private label brand to provide a reliable source of wellness products to clients all over the country that can be conveniently ordered by phone or online and shipped direct to client.

I have evaluated many companies that provide plant based/herbal wellness products and Univera is one I’ve selected as a preferred resource out of all of them as a company that stands out for:

* Highest quality herbal compounds with the highest tested bio-potency, and the highest scientific standards, genomic lab research and clinical testing available in the industry, and one of the largest medicinal plant libraries on earth. Univera has it’s own extensive full-time scientific team worldwide, vertical integration from field to formulation worldwide also, and many proprietary formulas and patents.

* Naturally sweetened formations with potent berry juice and touch of natural stevia plant sweetener.

* Powerful formulations for metabolic makeovers, cardio health, gastrointestinal health, joint health, menopausal and andropausal formulas, immunity boosting and more.

Univera offers customers a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee (excluding tax/ship) on all products.

Many of my clients love two proprietary products to start with, delicious liquid formulations recommended daily – Xperia herbal elixir, and Aloe Gold, aloe vera drink. Both products also come in convenient packet form for travel. From there, I discuss with clients further products based on their personal profile to customize regimens.

I personally do not endorse products with sucralose or other artificial sweeteners. The company currently has formations of some products with a choice of sweeteners, natural or artificial; which is regretful, however, I recommend ONLY non-sucralose versions. I believe that the high quality herbal standards of the company stand above other companies – and I have gone on record urging the company to eliminate all artificial ingredients from their otherwise fine line.

~ Kimberly