E-Vitale's Mission



is a set of practices & habits,

Outlooks, choices, routines & regimens.

Conscious or not, our health is fundamentally

determined by our everyday lifestyle & food choices.

E-Vitale's mission

is to facilitate consciousness-raising & enhance wellness

& vibrancy through expert, experienced, leading edge Holistic Health Coaching.

Diversely geared to empower individuals, families, companies, executives & global CEOs,

E-Vitale serves as a guide, model & support for the practice of healthier lifestyle & food choices.

Partnering with leading Wellness Centers and Spas

E-Vitale can provide a complete curriculum of services & support designed to make

healthier lifestyle & food practices inspiring, accessible & successful.


Makes healthful living delicious, sensual, sublime & sustainable

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Kimberly Call, CCHT, CMT, HHC

Master Coach

Founder, Executive Director