Holiday Tele-Calls

Holiday Tele-Calls ~ Listen In & Catch the Magic!

Dear friends,

This holiday season, why catch the cold or flu? Instead, catch the Magic!

Clients say Kimberly’s influence, inspiration and enthusiasm is magic…

Please join Master Wellness Coach Kimberly Call for a great series of empowering & inspiring tele-coaching calls that can transform your experience of the holidays – full of practical everyday tips – and delicious ways you can AVOID sugar & stress and INCREASE serenity & bliss this holiday season!

Kimberly’s an expert in making it easy & enjoyable – and she somehow makes doing the right thing – actually delightful! Please visit the “Tips and Treats” Resource page for more details on the delight-filled topics of our calls.

Recorded in 2012/2013, these messages are just as enduring and timely this holiday season. The series of calls, each 1/2 hr, are recorded and available for playback anytime at your convenience – from the inspired Certified Green lifestyle of gourmet chef, author, educator & health coach Kimberly Call.

The series is designed as a progressive series – be sure to listen to the whole series for great support over the holidays & into the New Year. So many people over indulge and have regrets entering the New Year – instead, you can enter with wonderful healthy new habits empowering you into your New Year!

You will love the special year’s end “New Year, New You” call – Kimberly shares a beautiful online gift of 30 days of health & beauty inspiration for the New Year – be sure to tune in!

Here’s to Healthy, Happy Holidays everyone – please share widely with your family & friends!


FIRST WEEK'S CALL – Intro to Healthier Holidays – Dazzling Delights & Inspirations



SECOND WEEK'S CALL – The Power of Morning Rituals, Serenity Practices, Festive Holiday Beverages & More



THIRD WEEK'S CALL – Serenity Tips Galore, The Power of Connecting with Nature for Inspiration & Restoration, Holiday Gifts, Looking Forward to the Upcoming New Year



FOURTH WEEK'S CALL – Eight Keys to Vital Chi, More Delicious Treats & Mood Optimizing Herbs, Herbal Remedies, Nourishing Ourselves with Winter Retreat Time & Readying Ourselves for Our New Year



FIFTH WEEK'S CALL – New Year, New You! Ancient Wisdom Traditions to Refresh, Renew, Reviltalize, How to Deeply Ground Ourselves and Nourish Our Roots, Connecting With Our Inner Worlds & Inspiration, Visioning Our New Year