Partnering Wellness Centers & Spas

Partnering Wellness Centers & Spas

Your Wellness Center or Spa is committed to excellent client care.

Your staff are busy; time with patients is limited. Yet we all know that many patients want and need healthy lifestyle and food guidance and support. Regular personal support and assisted goal setting and monitoring is proven to make a difference. We can help provide that for you. In tandem with your holistic philosophy, respecting your practitioners’ preferences and guidelines, we can extend the reach of your benefit, through our proven coaching methodologies.

Please call to discuss how we can provide:

* Staff events, talks and trainings, onsite or offsite

* Client events, orientations, introductions, special topic, onsite or offsite

* Client menu of coaching programs, special topics and ongoing support

* Joint promotional events, offsite retreats and workshops

* Transformation and Design of your healthier center or spa workplace and practices 

* Custom Program Design with and for you, branded to feature your unique mission and identity

* Integration with your website, newsletter and social media campaigns

Please call to speak in person about your needs and for more details:

Kimberly Call, CCHT, CMT, HHC